Post-Op Day 6

Cuz inquiring minds want to know, and typing it out once here is easier than 20 texts to those that love me…

PO6 has been a great day. Robbie, who fortunately works from home, needed to try and work a full day today. So I started my day trying to be a little more independent. Still need help getting out of bed, but once I am up I can get in and out of the chair in the living room on my own (medicated of course!). I was able to stand in the kitchen (it’s not really standing, it’s hunching over which sucks for very long and you gotta take breaks) and I made my own oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast. And caramel macchiato courtesy of Kristi’s special delivery. It took me like 10 trips back and forth from the bedroom to the living room and the kitchen to get the pillows situated in the chair like Robbie did it for me, but I did it all by myself and I got my walking in. Woo hoo! Drank my emergen-c, ate my oatmeal, and took my meds…and took a drug induced nap, lol.

The biggest accomplishment of the day was my first shower since the morning of surgery! 6 funky days! Omg, I have been so itchy, my skin is flaking off, and desperately needed it. Baby wipes can only do so much. My surgeon was like well, I would prefer you wait until your drains are out, but if you can’t wait…sorry, dude, I can’t wait. I’m a nurse. I can do this. With Schmoopy’s help during one of his work breaks, I not only got to take my binder off and check myself out in the mirror, but I got that hot water and antibacterial soap from the gods and feel like a whole new person! If you know, you know!

Got my new, clean binder on, clean compression socks, brushed rats nest hair, and all the parts washed. Now I’m ready for some tomato soup for the soul and a grilled cheese, and Percocet and Valium, and about 20 minutes of a movie before I fall asleep with my airline pillow.

I go to the doc again tomorrow and am hoping to get at least some of these drains out.

Today was a good day.

And if you think for one second that I didn’t cry when I looked in that mirror and saw my bruised and swollen body, just as it is today, you would be crazy. You cannot imagine the depth of what this all feels like. I cannot begin to express it. Not yet anyway. Years of suppressed hatred for yourself is unexplainable to those that will never get it. If you get it, I love you just as you are. I hope you find a way to freedom and I hope my path gets me there.

I get by with a little help from my friends. 🖤

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