Starting to Feel Real

You ready?

Post-op update. S/P Extended Tummy Tuck and Repair of my rectus abdominis on 1/4/22. Doc said I had a 3-4 inch gap between the muscles. Cinched them up tight.

Divert your eyes if you don’t want to see my new Costco bikini cut panties in a size Large (over my compression garment, cuz I’m not that brave) I have only bought my chonies from Lane Bryant in size 16-18 for the last 15 years?

It feels so strange but it’s starting to feel real, too.

Also had to size down in the sweat pant department cuz all mine are falling off of me. (That’s all I have worn since the surgery…)

I’m still a linebacker.

And I’m still super swollen and look/feel pregnant. But the swelling has gone down significantly and I’m feeling waaaaaay better than I was a month ago. They say 6 months to a year of swelling…

My incision is near circumferential. All but a 2 inch wide area and a few scabby places are healed. Delayed wound healing is common for tummy tucks…but I am tired of doing wound care on myself. I look forward to that part being done. If it was someone else’s wound I would think it was cool. I had to go back to my med/surg roots to figure out how to handle it and speed up the process cuz my doc just said “it’s fine, just keep it covered and give it time”) Medihoney, packed with a 2×2 and a telfa on top. We are getting there.

Breast reduction bumped up to 3/14/22, leave of absence from work extended until at least a month after that. Honestly, if I didn’t have this surgery, I might have needed a leave of absence for my mental health. The last 2 years have taken a toll on this tired RN, to be real.

Ok to drive per MD, but I’m nervous. The seatbelt hits right where my incision is, and I’m scared of a quick stop or collision. I can put Robbie’s heart pillow in between my belly and the seatbelt to protect it, but I still prefer to be driven.

Ok to go in the hot tub if the chemicals are good and it’s not too hot. I have missed it so much. Just can’t do it often cuz of my wound. Some debridement is good, just not too much. Robbie and I went in night before last and it was heavenly at 96 degrees. I tried to float on my back and can’t really do it yet. It’s hard to climb in and out, but doable. Worth it.

I have been walking 20-30 minutes everyday. Started out very slow, hunched over and just around the block. Now walking at a normal pace and standing straight, until my body gets tired/sore, at least. Still not strong enough to take the dog with me, cuz he is like a small horse and pulls, even with a gentle leader. I feel guilty every time I leave him behind.

I’m off all narcotics, have been for weeks. Just taking Tylenol and motrin for pain a few times per day.

Don’t have to sleep sitting up anymore, feels good to stretch out. Can’t really sleep on my side much (as is my preference) cuz that hurts more. But,

We are getting there.

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