All the lasts…

Last one. Forever.

C. K. McClatchy High School Senior Ball 2022

I hope they know these days don’t come again and I hope they have the most fun they have ever had.

I hope they know that it has been the best part of my life watching them all grow up and I will miss it in a way that only a mama knows. It’s that pressure in your throat and sinuses and the roof of your mouth that comes up from your gut when you are trying not to cry, and the catch in your breathing that always gives your silent tears away. It’s that deep dull pain that will come and go for always, whenever you try to hold on too tightly and the mouth breathing after the tears fall cuz you are too congested to breathe through your nose. It’s the tears that are always there, just waiting for the quiet moment and let down.

It’s the deepest kind of love. And pride. And joy.

And..sorrow that childhood is coming to a close.

I love you, Cassidy Scout. You must always come home. 💙

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