8 Months Post-Op for Plus Size Tummy Tuck

Today I am 8 months post-op for my extended tummy tuck, and that’s more than half-way to where I want to be. I have been having so much fun with this TikTok stuff! And they are writing another article about me and my tummy tuck, so…I might pee my pants this time if it goes viral again, lol. So far, I have made a total of $26 from my Amazon Storefront, lol. I don’t yet know what I will make from the boob cast article. Maybe like $5, lol. Passive income!

Oh! And if you use my amazon storefront to get to your regular Amazon account, even if you don’t buy anything from my lists I get a tiny percentage for the referral if you click away and buy whatever it is you were already going to order from Amazon anyway. So help a sista out, y’all, lol! They don’t tell me who made purchases, but they do list whatever item was ordered. So, I dare someone to order a butt plug, cuz that would make a hilarious 15 second video, lol

And please follow me on TikTok! I only have like 1700 followers…I need to get to 10K to compete with the algorithm, lol.


8 months post-op for Extended Tummy Tuck with repair of my diastasis recti and liposuction to the flanks.

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