Mum who ‘avoided mirrors for years’ hits back at evil trolls after getting £15,000 makeover

Written By Hannah Dodd for JamPress UK

Mum unrecognisable after £15,000 ‘mummy makeover’ – with two LITRES of fat drained from stomach

A mum who “hated” her belly and avoided looking in mirrors due to her weight has shared the results of a “mummy makeover” – which set her back £15,000 ($17,800). 

Annie Anderson, 49, a maternity nurse from Sacramento, California, US, had long been unhappy with her body, weighing 17st 5lbs and wearing a size 18-22.

Sharing her story to help others – and to fight against stigma around plastic surgery for plus-size women – the mum-of-two reveals her transformation.

She’s had three surgeries: tummy tuck, liposuction and breast reduction – also known as a “mummy makeover”.

“The recovery process was brutal,” Annie, who has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), told 

“But I’ve gone from having a huge hanging belly that made me hate my appearance to finally feeling my hip bones.

“I can finally see my feet!

 “I used to avoid looking at myself in the plate glass windows I walked by and avoided mirrors, because all I felt when I looked at myself was disgust. 

“For years I tried to hide in tunics that hung like tents over my upper body. 

“I have learned this body type is often associated with PCOS. 

“After the surgery, I don’t have the burden of all that weight holding me back.

“I like what I see in the mirror now and clothes shopping is fun.”

Annie, who has had two caesarean sections, went under the knife for her first two procedures in January 2022, before returning in March for the breast reduction.

Surgeon Dr Yamahata removed 17lbs of skin and subcutaneous fat and a further two litres of fat via liposuction.

During recovery, Annie was in an “extreme amount of pain” but doesn’t regret the operations.

The mum, who has kids with husband Robbie Anderson, 52, said: “The tummy tuck surgery started with me positioned on my belly while they worked on my back and flanks and then they flipped me over onto my back to work on my abdomen. 

“I woke up in the recovery room where I was monitored for 90 minutes and then my husband picked me up and took me home.

“Truthfully, that was the worst night of my life. 

“I was in so much pain that I passed out twice while trying to go to the bathroom.

“The first week was a drug-induced blur. 

“I focused on sleeping, showering, good nutrition and slowly walking a little more each day. 

“Getting up and down from bed or chair was brutal and I couldn’t do it without help. 

“By the end of week two, I felt human again.”

Annie, now a size 10-12, had spent years unsuccessfully trying to lose weight and keep it off, when she came across TikTok videos of plus-size women sharing their surgical journeys.

She worked additional shifts to earn the $17,800 she needed to pay for the pricey tummy tuck surgery, which was not covered by her medical insurance. 

Annie said: “No clothing could hide how I felt inside. 

“Now, I feel lighter. I don’t have the back pain I once had. 

“This body wants to be active, and exercise has become a daily part of my life.”

While she is happy with the outcome, the mum doesn’t consider her surgery a “quick fix”.

Despite her improved confidence, Annie still faces tough questions about her decision to opt for surgery as a plus-sized person. 

She said: “Technically, I didn’t have ‘weight loss surgery’. 

“Most plus-size people have gastric bypass surgery or weight loss surgery, and then later have plastic surgery to repair the damage caused by the weight loss. 

“I skipped that part. I had plus-size plastic surgery.

“People think the ‘right’ way is to lose the weight through diet and exercise before having skin removal surgery. 

“No one close to me has been negative to my face, just some people on the internet in the comments.

“The beauty of it all is that those comments don’t hurt me anymore. 

“The opinion of strangers doesn’t matter if I love myself the way I am.

“I feel strongly that whatever it takes to help you find a way to love yourself, you should do that. 

“Even if the world thinks you did it wrong.”

In a bid to inspire others, Annie has shared her progress on Facebook and TikTok (@anniemd007) and on her blog (

A TikTok clip that has been viewed 21,000 times shows the mum before her surgeries, posing in underwear before flashing forward to a post-op picture of her in a skimpy black swimsuit.

Many viewers were desperate to find out more.

One person said: “I need to know where and how much plz.” [sic]

“You look great what doctor?” said another fan.

Someone else commented: “Here I am self conscious of my tummy tuck after pics. You look fantastic by the way and I think the confidence is what makes you even more beautiful.”

“Awesome,” agreed another user.

Someone else added: “Kicking a**.”

Before Annie’s Plus Size Extended Tummy Tuck with repair of the diastasis recti and liposuction to the flanks done by Dr. Wayne Yamahata in Sacramento, California.
After. 11 months post-op for Plus Size Tummy Tuck and 9 months post-op Breast Reduction done by Dr. Wayne Yamahata in Sacramento, California.
One year later. 🖤

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