About Me

I am living my life out loud and bringing you all along on this roller coaster of a life, right with me. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

I have always been active on social media. I like to write instead of going to therapy, it’s how I process my thoughts and feelings, joys and sorrows. Sharing publicly feels more anonymous than dealing with the reality of some of the deepest parts of me. The trauma. Talking about the traumatic parts of my life in therapy never changed how I felt or how I went on. It just seemed to dig up the buried parts, the things I wanted to run away from. There was never a fix. Never a breakthrough into the happiest place on earth, like the turnstiles at Disneyland.

Over the years, my Facebook became a journal of sorts. Anytime I went deep and narrated what was going on in my life, my friends would tell me I should write a book. But I have ADHD, diagnosed just a few years ago, so writing a book from start to finish seems too big, too daunting, too real. I got six pages in and then nothing for months. Then the same friends suggested I start a blog, break up my story into bits and pieces, like a Facebook post. So in July of 2022, I did it. I fumbled through WordPress and created AnnieSpeaks. I gave myself the voice I never had, not about real things anyway. Not about my childhood trauma. Not about the tings that make me tick.

And then there was TikTok. I went from plus size to midsize via plastic surgery & post-surgical weight loss on Mounjaro, a scientific breakthough for people like me.

 I started vlogging about my life and plus size plastic surgery journey, starting the first day I walked outside my house on post-op day 12. I had a few videos go viral and was contacted by a press agent that wanted to write a story about me. That story was picked up by The Daily Mail and The Sun, and various other international tabloids.  Overnight, my plastic surgery journey became international news!

In December of 2022 I was invited to become a professional digital creator for Facebook. They were paying me to post about my life, and I went viral again. I suddenly had >40,000 followers and reels with millions of views. Living out loud. Transforming my life. Learning to love myself for the first time in my adult life, now age 50.

And here we are.

My kids are grown, one off living their best life in NYC and the other will be starting her second year of college at Cal Poly SLO. My nest is empty. But it’s not really. It is filled with being a High Risk Maternity RN, a dog mom, a wife of 24 years, taking care of myself, and this side gig. So let’s fucking go! We’ve got a lot to do in this next phase of life. So far, it’s feeling like it just might be the best part!