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Everyone was thinking it, I just said it.


Everyone was thinking it, I just said it.

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Once upon a time, she saved her damn self. The End.

Hi, my name is Annie & I am a lifestyle influencer & blogger from Sacramento, CA. I went from Plus Size to Mid Size via plastic surgery & weight loss on Mounjaro. I launched my blog August of 2022 & was invited to become a digital creator for Facebook in December 2022. I write and vlog about my Plus Size Plastic Surgery journey and all aspects of my life which includes weight loss & finally lea to love myself at age 50, body positivity, being an em nester & a nurse, & my traumatic Gen X childhood & coming of age in the 80's. I love to travel and create can be crass and in your face. It's a vibe & I have fun always keeping it real. I am living my life out loud!

What I do

Welcome to my safe space, AnnieSpeaks. Safe like quicksand. I started this blog in 2022, as an outlet of expression while I was recovering from my Plus Size Mommy Makeover. Writing is how I process my thoughts and feelings and how I avoid psychotherapy. As a child and young adult, I was silent about my trauma. This blog and writing has given me the voice that I never had growing up. After all these years, Annie does, in fact, speak.  Making videos and living out loud on social media has become another outlet for me, my side gig. My husband, Robbie, and I have just become empty nesters and all that time we spent at swim practice and water polo tournaments has to be filled somehow…and I much prefer self care, lip-syncing and making videos in my backyard over cleaning my house. I decided that if I’m going to share my every day life on the internet, I’m just going to keep it real. I’m just going to be me and if people relate to me and what I share, they will come along for the ride. I balance all that real with humor. Cuz if we ain’t laughin’ we cryin’. And laughing is way more fun. I’m the comic relief you didn’t know you needed in your life, right after I tell you my deep secrets. Balance.


I'm the cool kid and the fun friend. I'm smart and articulate and getting a tummy tuck and breast reduction and losing almost 100 lbs has given me the confidence I should have had my whole life. I have a great sense of style and good taste, I'm a natural comedian and I'm good at improv, and I know how to work the camera. Once upon a time when I was young and lived in LA, I took some acting and improv classes. I worked in casting for episodic TV shows. I know what the camera likes and I know what it takes to book the job. It's all in the eyes, right? The trick was always talking to the camera like you were talking to your best friend.


I have found that my story is way more relatable than I ever realized. I thought I was as alone in real life as I was in my head. Through my writing and talking to myself on camera, more than 55,000 people have let me know that they relate. Whether it's reading about my traumatic GenX childhood or watching me learn to love myself and this skin I'm in, people are inspired to love themselves enough to let the light in. They have watched me steal back my whole life from the burden of my childhood, from my weight, from my hanging belly and giant boobs, and from society's judgements of me. I am showing the world that there is another path to loving yourself and living your best life. At 50 years old, I am finally coming into my own. I am a self-proclaimed badass bitch and I have finally entered the You-Were-Born-To-Stand-Out era of my whole perfectly imperfect life. People want that for themselves. They are influenced by my vibe. If I can do it, they can,too.


I am an extroverted introvert. Fake it til you make it. I went to 15 different schools between kindergarten and 9th grade. Always the new kid, I was forced to shine. If you are funny, people like you. If you are creative and charismatic, you have friends on the playground. If you are bold and willing to make a fool of yourself, people like to watch. I have been putting on a show for most of my life, better get your ticket before it's sold out!

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