Life at 50 is like a lazy river. Just let the current carry you until you have to get out so they can shock the pool. Cuz someone shit in it.

Sometimes, I write about it.

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I started this journey on 1/4/22 and weighed 245 lbs, with a BMI of 41. As of 3/5/23 I’m down a total of -58 lbs with the help of Dr. Yamahata’s skilled hands and post-op weight loss on Mounjaro.

Mounjaro Stats!                                     Starting Weight: 224 lbs.          Starting BMI: 38.4                    Week #1 on 2.5mg lbs lost: 0            Week #2 on 2.5mg lbs lost: 7            Week #3 on 2.5mg lbs lost: 2             Week #4 on 2.5mg lbs lost: 1             Week #5 on 5.0mg lbs lost: 3               
Week #6 on 5.0mg lbs lost: 1
Week #7 on 5.0mg lbs lost: 1
Week #8 on 5.0mg lbs lost: 1
Week #9 on 5.0mg lbs lost: 0
Week #10 @ 5.0mg lbs lost: 1
Week #11 @ 5.0mg lbs lost: 3
Week #12 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Week #13 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Week #14 @ 10mg lbs lost: 4
Week #15 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Week #16 @ 10mg lbs lost: 2
Week #17 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Week #18 @ 10mg lbs lost: 2
Week #19 @ 10mg lbs lost: 2
Week #20 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Week #21 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Week #22 @ 10mg lbs lost: 0
Week #23 @ 10mg lbs lost: 1
Current Weight: 187 lbs Current BMI: 32.1
Current Measurements:                 5’4” 188 lbs 
Bust 44”
Under Bust 38”
Waist 34”
Hips 38.5”
Thigh 24.5”
Arm 17”
Shoulders/chest 52”
Bra Size 40D
Pants Size 8-10, M/L, or 28-29 Petite cuz I’m short AF.
Tops Size L-XL
Shoes Size 8.5-9

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  • Kaleidoscope
    POV: This is what an #emptynester #nightshiftnurse #californiagirl does when she gets called off due to low census after unsuccessfully trying to sleep all day. Rolled straight out of bed into my controversial string bikini, drank a protein drink, ate some burnt roasted Brussels sprouts and half of my bean burrito from Los Inmortales that…More
  • Fly Girl
    I’m all in my feels today. Let me count the ways: 1. I went back to work and I worked three in a row with some of my closest friends. They made it easy on me cuz they are all the strongest of nurses. It’s easy to be in charge when you are surrounded by…More
  • Strong Like Mulan: Round 3
    Today is post-op day 5 for my revision, dog ear removal and liposuction to correct some asymmetry. Today was a big day for me. It didn’t feel like it was a big deal while it was going on, it felt good. But now, as I lay in my bed, I am tired. Exhausted. Swollen. I…More
  • GRWM: Plastic Surgery Revision Edition
    Today is my only day to get this nest ready for me to be back in surgical recovery mode. Lots to do cuz I don’t live my life in the house is always clean zone. I choose that, I know. Did the shopping yesterday, I’m stocked with: jello, apple sauce, Gatorade, protein shakes, saltines, chicken…More
  • It’s About Damn Time: Treating Obesity as a Chronic Disease
    During one of my TikTok scrolling sessions, I came across a video made by Nurse Practitioner Maria Lena Walls reading a letter one of her patients wrote to the CEO of her employer in regards to adding anti-obesity medications to their employer provided health insurance formulary. I was moved by the words she spoke and…More
  • 50th Birthday Tattoo Tour
    I have been staring at an empty spot on my wrist, trying to decide what to put in that small space, for like two years. It’s surrounded by the leaves of one of my peonies, a Delft Blue tempest in a teacup for my mama, and my Covid syringe. I knew I would be staring…More
  • Perfectly Imperfect.
    How dare I show my imperfect body on the internet. Does my cellulite make you uncomfortable? Does my body disgust you to the point that you must say something? As if I have never heard the slurs? It’s just the facts, right? It’s just your opinion. It’s not hurtful. I’m just being honest. Why would…More
  • On Loving Her
    Written by Eve Greenlow I am in love with a girl.She is kind and strong.I know what she deserves, which is so much.She is beautiful and black and proudand she struggles taking care of her 3c curlsbut she knows it’s worth it.She has an unhealthy relationship with crunchy corn puffsbut they’re very tasty, so it’s…More
  • Mum who ‘avoided mirrors for years’ hits back at evil trolls after getting £15,000 makeover
    Written By Hannah Dodd for JamPress UK Mum unrecognisable after £15,000 ‘mummy makeover’ – with two LITRES of fat drained from stomach A mum who “hated” her belly and avoided looking in mirrors due to her weight has shared the results of a “mummy makeover” – which set her back £15,000 ($17,800).  Annie Anderson, 49,…More
  • Cut. Cut. Cut. 🖤
    I write poems when I sleep. I woke up to words flowing in my dream, but I didn’t write them down in time. They flew away on gossamer wings and then they fell from the sky in cement shoes. Is it worth getting out of bed for this? My grandpa visits me in my dreams.…More
  • Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride
    I have been making videos on TikTok for months. It filled my time during my surgical recovery and my walking updates motivated me to get up, brush my teeth, put on something presentable and to get my ass up and walk. I had a few viral videos of the day that me and a few…More
  • Fragile. But not. 🖤
    When we lived with Doc, we were artsy. We went to see movies at Tower Theatre. Movies that I think are cool now, but not the ones I wanted to see then. We saw El Norte, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Out of Africa, Raising Arizona, The Legend of Greystoke, The Black Stallion, and I…More
  • It’s a Wonderful Life!
    I weighed 245 lbs. on the morning of my Extended Tummy Tuck in January of 2022. Dr. Yamahata cut off 17 lbs. of skin and subcutaneous fat during the procedure and another 2200 mLs of fat via liposuction to my back and flanks. That’s approximately another 5 lbs. off. In one day. My diet changed…More
  • Doorbell Ditch 🖤
    So I haven’t felt like writing lately. I’ve been stuck in my head with thoughts that hide, even from myself. Unidentified tears sting but don’t fall, because if I admit why they are there or where they belong, it’s too much. Overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s all too much. And as you all know by now, never…More
  • Ride or Die 🖤
    1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100. Remember, we don’t have to go in order. I reserve the right to go back in time at any time. It was the summer of 1990. I was 17 and I had just graduated from high school. My roommates, Cynderella and Ten, also recent graduates, were in Hawaii…More
  • I Need Love 🖤
    I texted Sara S. to warn her I was writing about us and she reminded me about some of our highlights. I can’t believe I forgot about this one. Idiots. Lucky to be alive and walking. During the summer after 9th grade, me and Nadia went with Sara S. up to her family cabin in…More
  • Burning Bridge 🖤
    I’m stuck. I have been avoiding writing. This part has deep feelings, as they all do, but it’s not just nostalgia. It’s a story of bravery, growth, trust, and survival. For all of us. And deep blue pain, a shade different from the rest. We are at the point of my story when high school…More
  • My 44E boobs were so big they were CHOKING me – but now I don’t recognise myself
    MANY people would love to have bigger breasts. But one woman has undergone a ‘life-changing’ procedure after she revealed her boobs were so big … My 44E boobs were so big they were CHOKING me – but now I don’t recognise myself This is me! It’s an article in The Scottish Sun, published after my…More
  • Community: Would You Get Plastic Surgery?
    A friend got her muffin tops sucked out of her body and is recovering in bed for two weeks. I really had no idea that there such a huge recovery time… Community: Would You Get Plastic Surgery? Hell yes! Do what makes you fall in love with yourself. Some of us have tried everything. Some…More
  • No Ouija Boards Allowed 🖤
    In middle school, I had a real best friend. One I chose for myself, and one that chose me right back. I don’t even remember the first day I met Sara. I hope she does. We were always together. Package deal for two whole years. We had RT bus passes and we rode that damn…More
  • Not Yet Goodbye
    Today was a long day. I set my alarm for 0700 so we could leave by 0730, which is the time Cassidy thought would be best to get us to Cal Poly SLO in time, considering move-in traffic, for her 0830 time slot. She is the orchestrator. We follow her lead. She got herself here,…More
  • Puerto Backyarda
    I guess I’m predictable. Sometimes, anyway. I’m all in my feelings about taking my baby girl to college at Cal Poly SLO in two days. Two more sleeps with us. One more sleep in her own bed in her own room. Then one night in a hotel in Pismo Beach, with us. We took the…More
  • Riding the Rapids 🖤
    My friend, Jen, gave me an icy cold Squirt in a can, yesterday. I haven’t had a Squirt in years. Like I can’t remember when. It was so good, especially in this 111 degree heat. Squirt reminds me of my childhood, which I seem to have been avoiding. My dad used to call me Squirt.…More
  • Let’s Talk About Sex
    We are all adults here, right? I know you all want to know. The truth is, I walk around naked all the time now. And in 8 days I will be an Empty Nester. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong, lol. With the tummy tuck, everything gets pulled up. And I do mean everything. I…More
  • 8 Months Post-Op for Plus Size Tummy Tuck
    Today I am 8 months post-op for my extended tummy tuck, and that’s more than half-way to where I want to be. I have been having so much fun with this TikTok stuff! And they are writing another article about me and my tummy tuck, so…I might pee my pants this time if it goes…More
  • High BMI Plastic Surgeons, a Nationwide List
    I have been following @thecurvyamanda on Instagram and TikTok for over a year. She has an amazing curvaceous body, and she also happens to be plus-sized. She shared her plus-size plastic surgery journey and inspired me to embark on my own path to self-love. One of the things I found extremely helpful was her nationwide…More
  • Afterwhile, Crocodile 🖤
    Robbie has covid. So irritating. Got him on Paxlovid the same day he had obvious symptoms and a positive at home antigen swab, done by me, probably more aggressive than he would have done. The second line popped up right away. Seems like me and Gma Pat are the last of the Covid Superheroes in…More
  • Annie D’s Top 10 Best Mommy Makeover Must Haves for a Smooth Recovery and the Mama on a Budget 2022
    This one is for my plastic surgery babes. I am now an expert in Plus Size Plastic Surgery Recovery. Oh, and I’m also an RN with post-surgical recovery experience in an acute care facility. It’s much harder to be the patient. So, I thought I would share some of the things I purchased to make…More
  • Barbie Girl
    I am 7.5 months post-op for my Extended Abdominoplasty aka Plus-size Tummy Tuck, with repair of my diastasis recti and liposuction to the flanks. My BMI was 41 on the day of surgery. Now it vacillates between 37-38. I’m short AF. Just 5’almost4”. Women’s sizes are weird, as you know. I wore anywhere from a…More
  • Dill Chicken 🖤
    It must have been 7th grade when we lived on 45th Street in East Sac. Not 45th and J. Not even 45th and H. More like 45th and F, if you know what I mean. Not the Lady Bird street. It was Doc’s house. He was nice enough, unless I ate his Swiss Almond Haagen-Dazs…More
  • Sink or Swim 🖤
    After my mom’s car accident, she got an insurance settlement. I can’t remember how much it was. It was enough to buy her a brand new candy apple red Honda Prelude, the nicest car she ever bought herself. It was cute and sporty and seemed to elevate us. When she could walk again, she also…More
  • Tits Up
    OMG. My tits are going viral! In the middle of the night the Daily Mail in the UK published a story about my breast reduction and now all these other news outlets have picked it up, mostly in the UK at this point. Some in the EU and US, even AU. My favorite so far…More
  • Always On My Mind 🖤
    The last time I spent any real time with my dad was when I was 12. It was then that I realized that the only time I saw my dad was if I called him or his girlfriend to ask if I could come visit. So I tested the theory. I waited for him to…More
  • Diet Dr. Pepper 🖤
    When I was just finishing 8th grade my mother was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from work. It was a head on collision that almost killed her. The passenger was killed instantly and the drunk driver died on the way to the hospital. She was lucky to be alive. This was…More
  • Don’t Get It Twisted
    I just said goodbye to my daughter as she left on a road trip from CA to TN to take her lifelong childhood BSF (that’s teen for Best Sister Friend) to college. Cass doesn’t start college until mid-September. So we get a month with her before she leaves us. Before she leaves her childhood behind…More
  • Bits and Pieces 🖤
    I wish I could remember my childhood in chronological order so I could tell you a story from start to finish. But I can’t. I try, but it’s all jumbled up. I try thinking about it year by year, grade by grade, but we moved and I changed schools so much that some memories overlap…More
  • What the Fork?! 🖤
    Mom and Tony #1 taught me table manners, like don’t put your elbows on the table. I wonder if they remember these things as I do? I wonder if they thought it was funny in the moment? If they thought it was good parenting? It wasn’t and isn’t, and I can still feel the prongs…More
  • Jack-In-the-Crack 🖤
    I don’t know where to begin. Definitely not in Times New Roman. Not Arial. Maybe Book Antiqua. For sure not Comic Sans. I have always written things. My thoughts, my memories, my joy, my sorrow. You name it. Just not term papers. Never quite lived up to my “academic potential” like Mr. Coombs told me…More
  • Lo Siento, Mama
    It gets me every time. Thankfully, it usually waits until I get home. I love my job. But sometimes, it’s fucking hard. And not always in a stressful, too busy, or emergent way. Sometimes it’s hard to be part of the team that takes care of the aftermath. The nothing after the storm. It’s not…More
  • Too Much and Not Enough 🖤
    I had my own apartment at age 15. My mother had fallen in love, again. This one would become her 3rd husband. She was good at falling in love. There would be two more husbands after that one. It was the staying that she had trouble with… By the time I got to high school,…More
  • Crazy Love
    This might be one of my favorite things, this strip. It’s young, crazy love. And fun. So much fun. No social media then, in the bygone days. No kids, either. I kissed Robbie for the first time when I was 14 years old. He wasn’t technically my boyfriend until I was nearly 20. Our first…More
  • Boston University study finds rising presence of plus-size models on social media could impact demand for plastic surgery
    Plus-size models are becoming more popular on social media for their positive impact on body-inclusive models of beauty, which could impact the … Boston University study finds rising presence of plus-size models on social media could impact demand for plastic surgeryMore
  • 25 Random Things About Me
    1. All I ever wanted to be when I “grew up” was a mommy.2. I went to 15 different schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade.3. I had my own apartment at age 15, Junior year of highschool.4. I got married in a movie theatre.5. I met Robbie behind Brookfield, at a party-after-the-party-got-broken-up, when I was…More
  • Tempest in a Teacup
    Where do I start? What do I share? What do I keep to myself, locked in my heart and my head? There is so much… Last week was a whirlwind. A tempest in teacup. I have been just floating and riding the waves, not yet capsized. A lot of this I will keep to myself,…More
  • 8 Liters
    Post Vegas Girls’s Trip and work weekend wrap up. This might be long. I want to start by saying that I work with some badass bitches. And every once in awhile, I have to float to L&D where the wild things are. Well, on Friday night it was bat shit crazy up in that joint…More
  • Proud of My Gawd Damn Self
    Today I celebrated something significant to me. It was the CKM Humanities and International Studies Program’s Senior BBQ, Class of 2022. And I am so very proud of my daughter. My kids. Both of them are HISP graduates. Survivors. Academic warriors. Hard workers. Solid writers. Smart cookies. But here is something else I feel as…More
  • All the lasts…
    Last one. Forever. C. K. McClatchy High School Senior Ball 2022 I hope they know these days don’t come again and I hope they have the most fun they have ever had. I hope they know that it has been the best part of my life watching them all grow up and I will miss…More
  • Back to Work
    I had so much anxiety about going back to work…and it was all wasted energy. I had a perfect shift, got to spend all night laughing with some of my favorite people and no emergencies and no admits and no covid pts. I’m so glad I became a nurse. Again. I’m quite swollen and bloated,…More
  • Sidewalk Chalk and Motherhood
    All I ever wanted to be was a mama. A mama like my own who taught me to love with my whole heart. Like my friends’ moms whose homes I wished I lived in, with art projects and homemade pesto and string cheese and secret staircases. Like the moms that hired me to be their…More
  • Anesthesia
    Me as soon as I start to feel the anesthesia in the OR: “I’m starting to feel the anesthesia. Please tell me later if I say anything crazy or funny, my husband wants some material” Jim, RN: “Will do. You feeling good now?” Me: “My anxiety is gone. Had to take my Ativan last night…I…More
  • Nice Rack
    Here we go. The day before the rest of my life. Phase 2 of my Mommy Makeover. Breast reduction. Boob jobs don’t seem deep, but they are, no matter which way you go. The way we view ourselves affects everything. Self image is often the only manifestation of deep hurts and deep triumphs. People often…More
  • Starting to Feel Real
    You ready? Post-op update. S/P Extended Tummy Tuck and Repair of my rectus abdominis on 1/4/22. Doc said I had a 3-4 inch gap between the muscles. Cinched them up tight. Divert your eyes if you don’t want to see my new Costco bikini cut panties in a size Large (over my compression garment, cuz…More
  • Don’t Take Shaving Your Own Damn Legs For Granted
    Ok, first I will reward you by telling you that I shaved my own got damn legs for the first time since surgery. That’s 20 days. Couldn’t actually do it while in the shower and had Cassidy on stand-by in case I needed help. But I didn’t need help. My swollen sausage legs are smooth.…More
  • Mons
    Have you ever thought very much about your mons? I mean, besides grooming, of course. Do you even know what a mons is? I suggest you google it before you read on. I’m willing to bet 50% of people don’t even know what a mons is. Well, I have become acutely aware of my mons…More
  • Post-Op Day 6
    Cuz inquiring minds want to know, and typing it out once here is easier than 20 texts to those that love me… PO6 has been a great day. Robbie, who fortunately works from home, needed to try and work a full day today. So I started my day trying to be a little more independent.…More
  • Worst Night of My Life
    Last night was arguably the worst night of my life. I now know what 10/10 pain is, so don’t try and tell your nurse 10/10 if you are able to be on your smartphone or watch TV, or do anything other than keep still, close you eyes, breathe through it, or moan. That’s 10/10. I…More
  • Go Easy On Me
    10 days. I have gone back and forth whether I would share this on social media or not. But as you all know, I am an over-sharer that has found great support in my online community. So go easy on me. In 10 days I am doing something big. This something is only for me.…More
  • Stolen
    Some of my happiest days have been spent with a carload of kids, going from one activity to the next. When they were small, it was Fairy Tale Town and the Zoo, the train museum and the fishy store. It was hopping from park to park and car singing and going “the secret way.” Only…More

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