Life at 49 is like a lazy river. Just let the current carry you until you have to get out so they can shock the pool. Cuz someone shit in it.

Sometimes, I write about it.

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  • Burning Bridge

    I’m stuck. I have been avoiding writing. This part has deep feelings, as they all do, but it’s not just nostalgia. It’s a story of bravery, growth, trust, and survival. For all of us. And deep blue pain, a shade different from the rest. We are at the point of my story when high school…More

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  • My 44E boobs were so big they were CHOKING me – but now I don’t recognise myself

    MANY people would love to have bigger breasts. But one woman has undergone a ‘life-changing’ procedure after she revealed her boobs were so big … My 44E boobs were so big they were CHOKING me – but now I don’t recognise myself This is me! It’s an article in The Scottish Sun, published after my…More

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  • Community: Would You Get Plastic Surgery?

    A friend got her muffin tops sucked out of her body and is recovering in bed for two weeks. I really had no idea that there such a huge recovery time… Community: Would You Get Plastic Surgery? Hell yes! Do what makes you fall in love with yourself. Some of us have tried everything. Some…More

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